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Do You Have a Coworker that Eats Stinky Food?


A new study from Lovin Dublin reveals that 50% of people have a coworker that eats stinky food. Something like eggs, cheese or fish. First of all, if you’re eating left over fish at work in the microwave… you’re doing it wrong. You’re not supposed to heat fish up in the microwave. But I digress, don’t be that person that eats the stinky food in the office.

The survey also reveals that 20% of people have asked their coworkers to eat elsewhere because of stinky food. Instead of eating stinky food, try to eat something that smells amazing to make everyone jealous of your amazing tastebuds! The survey says that the best smelling foods are buttered toast, fresh pastries and bacon. So basically eat breakfast at work and everyone will be jealous!

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