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What Has Happened Since the Last Time the Cubs Won the World Series?

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Congratulations to the Cubs! It’s been such a long time since the Cubs have made it to the world series and even longer since they’ve won. The world was a completely different place! Here’s a little bit of insight into what was happening back in 1908:

  1. There were only 46 states! Arizona, New Mexico, Alaska and Hawaii came later
  2. The Eiffel tower was the tallest building in the world, now it’s not even in the top 100!
  3. Plastic wasn’t even invented yet
  4. Neither was coffee filters, paper cups, crossword puzzles, bras, hairdryers, kiss-proof lipstick, hearing aids, penicillin, sun tan lotion, and ballpoint pens
  5. The NFL didn’t exist, and neither did the NBA or the NHL!

The world was a completely different place. This could be the year of the Cubs! We’ll have to find out tomorrow night as they play the Indians. Tune in to our sister station WIOU 1350 AM to listen to the game live!

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