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Have You Ever Called in Fake Sick?


Sometimes we just need a mental health day, to recoup from the stresses of the week. But if you’ve got to call in make sure you at the very least have a good excuse prepared. A new survey was put together recently to show the most ridiculous reasons for calling in.

Here’s the top 10:

1.  A guy claimed the ozone made his tires go flat.

2.  A guy said he had to be a pallbearer at the funeral of his wife’s cousin’s PET.

3.  A woman said she couldn’t get out of her house, because the police were raiding it.

4.  A woman wouldn’t cancel her hair appointment, because her roots were showing.

5.  Someone said they accidentally ate cat food instead of tuna and got sick.

6.  A woman called in and said SHE wasn’t sick, but her llama was.

7.  A woman claimed she used Nair on her armpits . . . ended up with chemical burns . . . and couldn’t put her arms down.

8.  Someone said they couldn’t come in because they ate too much birthday cake.

9.  A guy said he couldn’t make it in because he was bowling the game of his life.

10.  An employee claimed they had to stay home, because they got bitten by a duck.

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