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What Are You Most Afraid Of? Here’s the Top 10 Most Common Fears!


Whether we admit it or not we all have things that we’re afraid of. Snakes, spiders, heights, or the dark, everyone has something that instills fear in their minds. A recent study shows the top 10 most common fears. The ordering was the most surprising to us. #6 was death… DEATH WAS NUMBER 6!? That means that the average person would rather die than deal with any of the top 5 most common fears. Check out the full list:

  1. Fear of Flying
  2. Fear of Public Speaking
  3. Fear of Heights
  4. Fear of the Dark
  5. Fear of Intimacy
  6. Fear of Death
  7. Fear of Failure
  8. Fear of Rejection
  9. Fear of Spiders
  10. Fear of Commitment

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