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Questions We Wish We Could Ask On A First Date

couple, date, dating, love Everyone is out there looking for love, but some times we learn something about our significant other that makes continuing to date difficult. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could just ask those questions in advance so that we could avoid the heartbreak? Here are some common questions that are typically thought to be inappropriate for a first date, but their answers would solve so many questions early on!

Do you have a criminal record? A little to personal for a first date? Maybe, but wouldn’t you rather know if your date was a murderer before you were their next victim? Asking this question could save your life!

Who are you voting for? So many people are losing friends over this election. And if you’re one of those people unfriending everyone on Facebook, this might be a question that saves you some time.

Do you want to get married? Another risky question to ask without sounding too clingy. But if you’re hoping for a wedding in your future, it might be good to know that answer early.

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