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Is This Purse White or Blue?

purse ZjRkZDM2ZTM1MyMvZVRIaXlURFFYOVowWVM3dzlZSGYyUTByTWc4PS8xODV4MTA6OTQ3eDU1Ni82MjF4NDQ2L2ZpbHRlcnM6cXVhbGl0eSg3MCkvaHR0cDovL3MzLmFtYXpvbmF3cy5jb20vcG9saWN5bWljLWltYWdlcy9venJwOGJzZGJ3azZyaG83eGd3dThpanJ5ZGt3YmM2dm9hd3UwbW9id

Is this purse blue or white? Hey, it’s Ben here and I think in the first picture it looks white, but in the second picture it looks blue! I can’t decide. It’s like the blue and black/gold and white dress all over again! The internet is going crazy over the color of this purse. What do you think? Is it blue? Is it White? Leave us a comment below or reply to our Facebook or Twitter post! We must decide what color that it is once and for all!

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