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Motivational Monday 1/11/16

It’s time for ‘Motivational Monday’ people. This is going to be where we get your week started off on the right foot by showing you that last week or this week could be a lot worse. It’s usually going to contain stories of people that just don’t seem to think.

So if you’re anticipating on having a bad week, it can’t nearly be as bad as a Detroit man who discovered he had bedbugs last week. He did what any other sound person would do, he doused everything (including himself) in alcohol and lit everything on a fire. He not only burned himself, but also destroyed 4 other apartments. That is the definition of a bad week for him and the others involved (It does appear that everyone was okay except for the guy who doused himself in alcohol).

Or there’s this woman. She was visiting a zoo, picked up a snake and went in for the kiss. The snake then bit her nose. She ended up with a few marks and a bruised nose. She’ll be alright, but will also be thinking twice about trying to kiss snakes from now on. They’re not necessarily frogs, ya know.

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