Trim Down Challenge Update

Hello friends!

A few weeks back I let you in on a little secret that Jessica and myself are participating in the Trim Down Challenge! So here we are. A few weeks in. Week 3 I believe and I’m here with an update. I have lost a few pounds doing this challenge so far. But what’s far more exciting to me is that I am REALLY making progress when it comes to my head space and how I think about food. I’ve seen a lot of my friends have some really great luck with KETO and so that’s the route I’m trying to take. Low intake carbs and cutting sugar as much as I can.

I’ve also been getting in a minimum of 3 workouts a week. My friend keeps me accountable via text as far as what I’m eating and getting my workouts in. It’s been a SLOW start. And when I weighed myself after the first week and didn’t see any significant change, I was mad. HOWEVER- I’m turning that into motivation to keep pushing through.

You may not be able to join the challenge still but you can do it on your own with us!