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When I get asked what I do for a living, I tell people I work at a radio station. The follow up question to that is always, “oh cool do you talk on the radio?” I am very happy to always say yes to that question!

When I went to college I decided I wanted to make radio my life and that is why I majored in Media Communication. It was during school I found a love for music radio. While taking classes and going through school I was fortunate to work part time at Hoosier AM/FM Radio in Marion, Indiana. There I worked for three years as a part time announcer, fill in morning news anchor, and board operator gaining hands on experience.

After graduating college I moved across the country to Yuma, Arizona to take a full-time job in country radio. Although the summers were extremely hot, I loved my time and experiences in the Southwest. I was fortunate to learn a lot about radio and a new culture very different from what I was raised in. After a few years soaking up the sun in the desert I felt it was time to get back a little closer to my roots. Luckily I found Z 92.5 in Kokomo! Now every day I get to come in and hang out during the workday covering all things Kokomo!!

When I am not working on something radio related I love to be outside doing any number of activities and spending time with friends and family.

Talk to you soon!