The Indiana State Fair

The 2021 Indiana State Fair kicks off July 30th and runs through August 22. This year the fair will be closed on Monday’s and Tuesday’s, but there are still plenty of opportunities for fun ...Read more

Howard County Voter Registration

A Public Service Announcement from the Howard County Clerk; Effective June 28, 2021, the Howard County Voter Registration Office has relocated from the Courthouse to the Howard County Government ...Read more

Live Nation Selling Tickets for $20

Live Nation is celebrating the “Return to Live” music by offering fans the chance to score $20 concert tickets.  Yes, this includes taxes AND fees. There will be almost 1,000 shows to ...Read more

Twitter Shutting Down “Fleets”

After only eight months, Twitter has announced it is shutting down “Fleets”. The platform’s version of stories, or posts that expire after twenty four hours, will no longer be available. ...Read more

The Best Pizza In The World?

Is This Really the Best Pizza in America? Restaurants and businesses all across the country always claim to have the “best”. The best burger, the best pizza, the best coffee, the list goes on. ...Read more