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Koko-Go Free Ride

The Koko-Go Free Ride is a local Bike Share proudly brought to you by the City of Kokomo’s Parks and Recreation Department.

With 24 adult bikes, 4 children’s bikes, 2 tag along attachments, and one tandem, they have bikes available for all to use. They are located along the beautiful Industrial Heritage Trail. (I.H.T.) allowing for easy access to a safe and pleasant excursion.

Koko-GO makes it convenient to ride and enjoy all that Kokomo has to offer with friends and family. When you rent a bike, you can enjoy up to three hours of riding time. This is a fun and free way to discover historical downtown Kokomo!

All starting Friday April 15 going through October.

From April through June it’ll just be on the weekend but they’ll be available every day starting in June.

For now the ride is open
Friday: 4-9
Saturday: 1-9
Sunday: 1-7

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