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March Dadness 2022

We have the 32 top dads in entertainment, but only one can be the overall winner. Pick the right winner overall and you could win a $100 visa gift card.

Representing TV Dads

  • Phil Dunphy- Modern Family
  • Carl Winslow- Family Matters
  • Red Foreman- That 70’s Show
  • Tim Taylor- Home Improvement
  • Danny Tanner- Full House
  • Dan Connor- Roseanne
  • Jack Pearson- This is Us
  • Uncle Phil- Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Representing Father Figures

  • Mr Feeney- Boy Meets World
  • Hagrid- Harry Potter
  • Uncle Iroh- Avatar the Last Airbender
  • Captain Holt- Brooklyn 99
  • Bruce Wayne- Batman
  • Yondu- Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Alfred- Batman
  • Geoffrey- Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Representing Movie Dads

  • Gomez Addams- The Addams Family
  • Atticus Finch- To Kill A Mockingbird
  • Clark Griswold- Family Vacation
  • George Banks- Father of the Bride
  • Darth Vader- Star Wars
  • John McClane- Die Hard
  • Arthur Weasley- Harry Potter
  • Brian Mills- Taken

Representing Animated Dads

  • Mufasa- Lion King
  • Hank Hill- King of the Hill
  • Gru- Despicable Me
  • Bob Belcher- Bob’s Burgers
  • Homer Simpson- the Simpsons
  • Goofy- A Goofy Movie
  • Mr. Incredible- the Incredibles
  • Marlin- Finding Nemo

March Dadness

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