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You Judge: Did This Olympian Sabotage His Rivals

A marathon in any situation is an intense situation, 26.2 miles of non stop running.

In the Olympics it must be 100x worse due to the immense pressure.

In a recent video, French runner Morhad Amdouni appearing to thwart any chance of fellow runners receiving any water by knocking over much of the available supply at a rehydration station.

He claims he was just unable to grab any due to his speed.

You can watch the video for yourself.

As you see, his hand does knock over the bottles in a domino effect, and he does manage to grab a bottle himself.

However, as many pointed out in the comments, what are the odds that he just happens to grab the last bottle in the row.

Many believe he intentionally prevented competitors from getting water during the race.

Some say he should be banned from future competition, while others say there was no issue due to the fact that he did not medal, he came in 17th.

The gold medal winner was Eliud Kipchoge of Kenya.

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