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Watch Now: Clifford the Movie (Trailer)

One of the most beloved children’s books of all time, Clifford the Big Red Dog is being turned into a major motions picture.

Clifford the Big Red Dog was first published in 1963 written by Kokomo native, Norman Bridwell.

The books have been monumentally successful selling over 126 million copies in 13 languages.

While there have been many adaptions of Clifford, this will be the first live action interpretation of the movie.

The official synopsis reads:

As middle schooler Emily Elizabeth struggles to fit in at home and at school, she discovers a small red puppy who is destined to become her best friend from a magical animal rescuer. When Clifford becomes a gigantic red dog in her New York City apartment and attracts the attention of a genetics company who wish to supersize animals, Emily and her clueless Uncle Casey have to fight the forces of greed as they go on the run across New York City and take a bite out of the Big Apple. Along the way, Clifford affects the lives of everyone around him and teaches Emily and her uncle the true meaning of acceptance and unconditional love.

You can watch the trailer below.

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