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Experience Shakespeare and Theatre

Hoosier Shakespeare Festival. Just by the name you are probably thinking a Shakespeare festival would be the least entertaining part of your day, but don’t let that memory of reading Romeo and Juliet from ninth grade english cloud your judgement.

“Hoosier Shakespeare Festival is a non-profit repertory theatre company that specializes in producing outdoor theatre with simple staging practices, live music, and, of course, great quality performances. Hoosier Shakespeare Festival hires professional and student artists who, in addition to producing plays, engage in mentorship and artistic development centered around the theatre adventure.”

It’s almost guaranteed to be a theatre, and Shakespeare, experience you have never had before. With a pay as you will entry, Hoosier Shakespeare Festival is putting on two different shows this summer; “Richard III” and “The Tempest”. You can catch the shows locally at Earth Stage-IUK June 10-13 and other nearby locations throughout the month of June.

For show dates, times, locations and all the details on Hoosier Shakespeare Festival visit Better yet, take in one of the shows this month!

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