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Quinn Embarrassed Himself in front of a Country Star

If you do not know, I am originally from San Diego, which is home to many concerts throughout the year due to the perfect weather.

Every year the radio station I worked for hosts a concert that includes 2 up and coming acts and 2 well known acts for their own small one day festival. Before I was on air at the station I was part of the promotions staff, working these events and that is where I humiliated myself in front of future ACM New Female Vocalist, Lauren Alaina.

It was 2015 and I was working my very first show that the station put on. Back stage I was at the lunch buffet they had set up for the workers and performers.

Next to me just happened to be an attractive girl around my age that I did not recognize. Side note, I did not know much about Lauren Alaina, I knew she was on American Idol, but when she was on, I had stopped watching the show.

So we were chatting about the food and the conversations when something like this:

Quinn: Oh, where are my manners. I’m Quinn by the way.

Lauren: Hi, I’m Lauren

Quinn: What a coincidence, Lauren is the name of one of the people performing today.

Every person on the planet: *FACEPALM*

As you can probably surmise, the conversation did not last much longer after that….

And that’s how I embarrassed myself in front of Lauren Alaina.

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