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Ben’s Entertainment Blog: Favorite Show Workout Routines

Being stuck at home as long as we’ve been, it’s tough to keep a work out routine going. It’s easier to just sit around on the couch and watch tv. But what if you could do both at once, and watching your favorite show could encourage you to work out? That’s what I’ve started doing lately. My wife and I watch a lot of the show Supernatural on the CW. Since there’s 15 seasons and we only watch a couple of episodes a week, we’ve been watching this show for years together. But over time we’ve started to notice patterns with the show. Villains are frequently defeated in the same way, some phrases are said frequently and one character, Dean, eats in almost every episode. We started taking these consistencies between episodes and turned them into a workout routine that we do while watching!

Dean eats 5 push-ups.

Crowley says “Hello boys” 10 crunches.

Sam uses the computer 5 lunges.

And the list goes on and on. We continue to add new things we notice happen frequently and have ended up having some pretty good work outs each episode!

It’s not just Supernatural that this should work for, it should work for any show you love! For example The Office, 5 push ups every time Jim looks at the camera. Five squats every time Michael says “That’s what she said” and just like Supernatural the list goes on. Give it a try! Before you know it you’ll have a new exercise routine every episode that’ll keep you in shape with every episode you watch!

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