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Ben’s Food Blog: Spicy Chicken McNuggets

Like Spicy food? Like Chicken McNuggets? For the first time since they were released in 1983, McDonald’s is switching up their McNuggets recipe for a limited time with their new Spicy Chicken McNuggets! Are they any good? Let’s find out together!

I’ve always been a big fan of spicy chicken. Restaurants like Wendy’s, Chick-Fil-A and others have added different spicy chicken options over the years, but let’s see how McDonald’s fairs. First, the appearance. It looks exactly like the regular McNuggets outside of it’s more orange hue in the breading. The texture is the same as normal as well, so all of the changes are being done to the breading.

Now let’s talk about the spice. It’s subtle, so if you’re nervous about them being too hot, don’t be. It’s a peppery kind of heat, that gets ya in the back of the throat a little right away, but never becomes overwhelming. The taste of the meat is pretty similar to that of a normal McNugget so the spice doesn’t overpower the typical delicious flavor.

Now let’s talk about their mighty hot sauce that they pair it with. You can get whatever sauce you want, this is just the sauce advertised with the new product. It’s a very vinegary spicy flavor that some people love. Reminds me a lot of Tabasco. Personally I find it a little unpleasant so I elected to eat the majority of the chicken without any dipping sauce.

There’s a deal going on today only through the McDonald’s App where you can get buy one get one free spicy chicken nuggets if you order a six piece. I’ll be honest, I tried the app and I was unable to get the deal to work properly. So I ended up just purchasing the 10 piece instead.

All this to say, give them a try if you like spicy chicken nuggets from other places! The spice isn’t super hot and could easily be complimented by a sauce like ranch. There only available for a limited time though, so if you want to try them don’t wait until they’re gone!


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