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Here is a press release from the Howard County Clerk.

In the past few days, there have been 3 groups that have sent a mass mailing of Absentee Applications to Indiana and Howard County voters.

Although, these are legitimate mailings and within their legal rights to do so, they are not from our local Election Office.  Therefore, if you have already requested an Absentee Application to receive a Mail-In Ballot, you do NOT need to do anything else. They are being processed and your Ballot will be mailed out by September 19th.

If you haven’t already submitted an Absentee Application to receive a Mail-In Ballot and meet the specific legal requirements to do so, then you may either complete an application received in the mail or call our office for one.

Of course, we will still have Early Voting and Election Day in-person voting!!!

We truly apologize for any concern or confusion these extra mailings may have caused our voters! If you have ANY questions or concerns of this process or the status of your Application or Ballot, please don’t hesitate to contact (765) 614-3220 or (765) 614-3221.

Debbie Stewart

Howard County Clerk

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