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The Stranger

I’m really proud of myself for this next thing I’m about to tell you about. I’d like to think that I have a pretty good taste when it comes to movies and TV shows. I’m super diligent about looking at reviews and reading plots before even deciding to watch it.

Recently as i was browsing through Netflix I found a new show called The Stranger. The plot basically revolves around this girl that goes around divulging people’s deepest darkest secrets in a blackmailing fashion. And let me tell you- there are some pretty big doosies in there.

As you can imagine this lifts the plot to a new level. Recently as I was scrolling through Facebook I saw an article about how people are becoming obsessed with this show! And my reaction was “I KNEW IT!”

Although I kind of hated the ending a bit, the ride it takes you on is worth it! Check it out streaming on Netflix now!

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