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Kokomo’s Worst Candy Week One: Chocolate

October is officially here and with it, all of the delicious candies have returned. Everyone has a favorite candy whether it is a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, Snickers or a Twix. But what is objectively the worst candy of all time? Thanks to your votes, we’re getting closer to finding that out! Week one we started with Chocolate candies. Week two will be sugar, week three gummy and week four is for nostalgic classic candies. It’s up to you to help us find out!

The votes are in and we’ve got our contenders for the worst chocolate candies of the week. The top three seeds will be eaten tomorrow morning live with Jessica and Ben on Facebook Live at 8:10 to find the definitive winner of the worst chocolate candy.

6th Seed – Milk Duds – 110 votes – Far and away the least hated candy of the group. This candy is perfectly acceptable to still give out for Halloween.

5th Seed – York Peppermint Patties – 179 votes – Less of a candy and more of a breath freshener.

4th Seed – Almond Joys – 208 votes – This one surprised me based on the sheer amount of people in Kokomo that have expressed their hatred for this candy bar. But the votes are in, and this candy bar did not crack the top 3.

3rd Seed – Whoppers – 214 votes – This candy was a close call. It went head to head against York Peppermint Patties. Even though in the poll on Twitter, York was the winner, the sheer amount of votes on Facebook overwhelmed the twitter votes to make Whoppers the winner.

2nd Seed – Raisinets – 229 votes – This candy went head to head against Milk Duds and this matchup was had the largest margin between the two. People apparently really hate this candy. Jessica has voiced her opinions of putting raisins into desserts (she hates it) and Ben hasn’t ever tried this candy before. This candy is a top contender for the worst candy!

1st Seed – Mounds – 285 votes – By far the largest amount of votes for any candy in the entire competition. Kokomo has spoken, and this is their most polarizing candy.

Your votes are in, but which candy will win? Join Jessica and Ben at 8:10 live on air and on Facebook Live tomorrow morning thanks to Sam’s Club in Kokomo! They will taste test the candies and decide once and for all what chocolatey candy is the worst in all of Kokomo and will move on into the final round against the winners of the other categories.

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