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Need a new Netflix show?!

Do you ever feel like you’ve watched everything EVER on TV and the web combined?! Well clearly that’s not true but sometimes it feels that way, until you strike gold and find something cool to watch.

I think I may have just done that.

There is a new show on Netflix called “Dead to Me”. It stars Christina Applegate. IMDB describes the show as “A series about a powerful friendship that blossoms between a tightly wound widow and a free spirit with a shocking secret.”. I think it describes it PERFECTLY! I’m just about 4 episodes in and I already know the big secret and its driving me crazy! I need to know how this thing ends! Its raw, and real, and something different than I’ve ever watched before!

There’s only about 10 episodes in the series so its a quick watch. Each episode runs about 34 minutes or so. If you’re looking for a new binge worthy show, this is it! I can almost guarantee they are going to order a second season!

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