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The Power of Smell

This is a feel good blog. And one of the things that makes me feel really good- is good smelling things. Now this is pretty subjective for a lot of people. Some people love the smell of freshly cut grass. Others like the smell of clean laundry. Other scents even bring back memories for a lot of people. Often when I smell gasoline or garages, it reminds me of growing up spending time in our garage with my Dad while he worked on something. It brings me happiness!

I think we can all agree, the smell of candles is pretty amazing. There’s also something incredibly comforting about them. They set an ambiance in a room. One of my favorite things to do is to light a candle, turn the lights down low, and grab a good book. The sweet smells fill the room, and brings a comforting feeling.

During the Fall I love my pumpkin, and leaves scented candles. During Winter you will ALWAYS find me with a cedar or tree scented candle lit.

One of my ultimate candle obsessions however, is the Bonfire Nights Nature Wick candles from Target. Holy cow you guys. According to the website, “Listen to the soft crackle of the wooden wick while a warm, homey scent fills the air with this Bonfire Nights Jar Candle from Nature’s Wick. With up to 48 hours of burn time, this wood wick candle will give you use day after day. Coming in a cylinder-shaped glass jar, it’ll bring stylish practicality to your space no matter where you use it.” THIS CANDLE MAKES A CAMPFIRE NOISE! I grew up going to camp and sitting around fires and it brings the best homey feeling ever. If you have $20, you will not regret this purchase!

So light a candle that reminds you of something good, and RELAX!

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