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Erin’s Feel Good Blog: Change it up!

One of my favorite scenes from The Mighty Ducks is when the female teach takes over as coach because Emilio Estevez is off thinking he is a famous hockey coach getting the star treatment in Hollywood. The players need a coach otherwise they need to forfeit the entire game. She steps in and get the job done. At one point while trying to learn how to coach correctly she yells out “CHANGE IT UPPPPP!” as her way of getting players to come back to the bench and having fresh players out on the ice.

I’ve always loved the way she said that. And I think it’s super important! Changing things up is always a good thing at times. Especially when you are feeling like life is monotonous. This past weekend I decided to change up my hair. No, I didn’t go purple. Although, I miss my purple hair. I decided to cut it a bit and make it a lot more blonde. It had grown out and needed some TLC. For me, I’ve always loved my hair. It’s something that I like to keep looking nice. However, sometimes life happens and I get busy and don’t take the time to take care of myself.

Not this weekend! This weekend I went for it! And I felt SO MUCH BETTER afterwards!

I encourage you to change it up. Maybe its your hair. Maybe it’s your music playlist. Maybe its the way you go to work everyday. Maybe it’s making time to enjoy a good cup of coffee each day. Life is not meant to be monotonous. So change it up!!

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