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Why is this HBO show so good?!

Alright you’ve read the title. So let’s just be real right of the bat. I don’t have HBO. But my Dad does! If you don’t have HBO and still want to enjoy their shows, you can use a family member or friends account and log in using the HBO GO app! That’s what I’ve been doing and I’ve been able to access all the entertainment on my own TV!

Okay, everyone has been talking about this show for ages! I even watched the first 2 seasons years ago and then never followed through. You know what I’m talking about! GAME OF THRONES!

With everyone talking about the final season coming like it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread I decided to get back into it. I even went back and rewatched the first 2 seasons to prepare for it!

Well after one weekend and a few nights, I’m on season 4. This show has me hooked. I honestly wasn’t totally buying it the first 2 seasons but it seems to hit its arc in Season 3. I’ve also never read any of the books so I have no idea as to what I should expect!

I’ve really enjoyed the story lines and character development. There’s also some really good nuggets of comedy placed right in there. Even better! If you’re looking for your next binge worthy show to watch- check it out! (if you’re an adult)

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