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Christmas Chronicles

Another cold weekend meant some more binge watching on Netflix! I promise this blog will not just become a Netflix blog but I HAVE to tell you all about this new Christmas movie that I found! It’s not one of those cheezy Christmas romantic films. It was actually pretty legit!

If you’ve seen The Santa Claus with Tim Allen, this is pretty much the new age version of that movie. It borrowed a lot from the plot of the old movie but made it its own. Instead of Tim Allen being shoved down a chimney, we had Kurt Russel playing Santa. I will say I was actually surprised that my Dad had heard about this movie before I did! He did his research. haha.

It started off pretty cute. A family celebrates Christmas together each year and records it on an old video camera. Sadly, the Dad passed away when he ran into a house on fire to try and save another family and how HIS family was having to face Christmas without him. Chaos ensues. Your heart melts. And there were some really great laughs in it.

Also- I’m betting money on the fact that the beard Kurt had was real. It looked so realistic! PLUS there’s a little surprise when you find out who Mrs. Claus is at the end. Overall I would give it an 8/10. It was good, but not mind blowing. Also- they chose to make the elves fake and that kind of ruined it for me.

Nothing will ever replace the ACTUAL Santa Claus movies with Tim Allen!

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