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Ben’s Entertainment Blog: Hot and Spicy Oreos

Milk’s favorite cookie is one of life’s greatest creations. I love Oreos so much that every time there’s a new flavor I immediately purchase it. I’ve tried everything from their mystery flavor (it’s fruity pebbles… and it tasted terrible) to their unbelievably delicious white chocolate covered Christmas cookies. One thing that remains the same throughout every flavor is that it always feels like a dessert item. Good or bad the cookie always remains a cookie… until now.

In China they’ve decided to take the cookie in a whole new direction. They’ve just released the Hot Chicken Wing and Wasabi Oreo flavors and I don’t know how to handle it. On the one hand, it’s still an Oreo. It’s still got the chocolate cookie goodness that I love so much. On the other hand it has good a strong spicy flavor that I feel like would ruin the goodness of the chocolateyness (not a word but felt appropriate).

I did some research… and by that I mean I Googled “Does chocolate go well with spicy foods.” In my research I found that eating chocolate can cool down the intensity of the heat from the spicy food. That still didn’t answer the question of if it tastes good together though. That’s the reason you eat an Oreo. Because it tastes good. No parent has ever said to their child “you better finish up those Oreos on your plate or you won’t get any vegetables!” That’s just some weird kind of backwards world.

What do you think? Would you try these cookies? Do you think they’d be good? Here’s an Ebay link to what they would look like!

Comment below or on social media and let me know what you think!

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