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Erin’s Feel Good Blog: Home Alone- Learning To Be Okay With Being Alone

Well hello there. The Holidays are in full swing in the radio station, which has kept up super busy, but fear not friends I am back with another fun blog for you! Haha.

My name is Erin. Im 29. And I am single. Dun Dun Dun.

I hate that the world has taught us that being single is somehow a bad thing. Or that it somehow makes us less of a person. We compare our lives and our situations to others and when we don’t see ourselves experiencing the same things in life that our friends are- we think we are missing the bar. Or failing somehow.

Well I’m here to tell you- That’s all a bunch of nonsense. I’ve been working on changing my mindset on this in tangible ways. For example- The Idea of going to a movie or out to eat alone was a scary one to me. And what I figured out recently is that its not the act of doing these things alone that’s scary- It’s the worrying about what other people will think of me when I’m out alone that is the real scary thing. And how dumb is that? To waste your life worrying about what other people think!

I recently wanted to go out to Ihop for breakfast. All of my friends were busy working and doing other things. So a part of me wanted to just skip it and go home. Another part of me really wanted pancakes. I asked Rob Rupe who I was with at the time… “Is it lame if I go to eat at Ihop alone?” and his reply changed my world forever…

Rob- “Well…are you hungry?”

YOU GUYS! It really is as simple as that… Why should I as a single person not experience things in life because I am single? Why should I not enjoy good pancakes or a good movie just because all of my friends are busy at the time? I went and ate those pancakes. Let me tell you. And I enjoyed time alone with myself, which is so needed sometimes!

THIS IS MY CHALLENGE TO YOU, regardless of relationship status- Go and do something that scares you. Go see that movie you want to see. Go out to your favorite restaurant. Go for a walk. Spend sometime with yourself and take a second to think about how AMAZING and WHOLE you are as a person. This world needs you! YOU! And while we may be stronger in numbers, we first need to realize our worth and value as an individual!

Check out this breakfast… mmmmmm!

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