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The DudeRobe is Officially a Thing

When we say the DudeRobe, we’re not talking about the Dude’s bathrobe from “The Big Lebowski.” Are you tired of having to choose between wearing your bathrobe or your sweatpants and hoodie? If so now you can have both in one! After the Romphim took off on Kickstarter raising over $300,000, A wave of new men’s fashion has been flooding the internet and stores.

The DudeRobe has towel material on the inside and sweatshirt material on the outside. So I guess you can turn off the shower and then put on pants immediately? Towel material is meant for drying so this clearly this is what it’s supposed to be used for right? Also, do people skip the towel and go straight for the bathrobe or do people typically dry off first? Let us know if this is something you’d try! Click here for more info about the DudeRobe!

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