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Does this Really Help you Save on Gas?

No matter the gas price, no one wants to spend money to fill up their car. Many drivers wait until the last possible minute to fill the tank. The light has been on for days, car struggling to start and you’re panicking in the drivers seat on the way to the gas station. Needless to say we’re all looking for ways to save money on gas. Unfortunately, some of the techniques that people use don’t really help us save.

For example, Driving across town to save a nickel on a gallon of gas ultimately only saves you pennies. Driving further out of your way means you’re expending more gas to get there so logically you’re wasting more money to get there.

Another common way to try to save money on gas is to not use your AC and instead roll down the windows. Although it is true that your AC is your car’s biggest drain on gas mileage, another one of the biggest drains is  your cares aerodynamic drag. In short, keeping the Air off and the windows closed is the only way that you’ll be able to save (at the cost of being a little sweaty from the heat).

What about accelerating slowly? Driving fast wastes more gas so going slow should be able to save right? Unfortunately extremely slow accelerating can bog down your engine wasting more fuel.

All in all the only way fool proof way to save money on gas is to drive less, shorter distances. But if you’re trying to save every penny that you can, drive to your car to the nearest gas station, keep the air off and the windows up and drive at a medium speed.

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