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Only 13% of Marriage Proposals Go According to Plan


Nothing better than an elaborate marriage proposal! Hey, it’s Ben here, and since weddings tend to be all about the ladies, the marriage proposal is where guys get to shine! I’ve always wanted to do a really huge wedding proposal but after seeing how common it is for things to go wrong, I may need to put in some more planning (once I plan to propose to someone that is).

Only 13% of marriage proposals go according to plan, which means 87% turn into disasters. 87%!! With disasters that common, it’s important to put a lot more planning into your proposal. Here’s a list of the top most common things that go wrong…

1.  The location was too crowded.

2.  The guy got stage fright and messed up what he was trying to say.

3.  The location was closed.

4.  The guy didn’t have a specific location planned, and spent the day trying to find somewhere decent to finally propose.

5.  Their girlfriend was too tired and backed out of the plans.

6.  Bad weather.

7.  The photographer didn’t show up.

8.  They were upstaged by someone else proposing in the same place.

9.  Their girlfriend overate and backed out of plans.

10.  They didn’t have a celebration planned for afterwards.

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