The Bomb Diggity Shopping Adventure!

Shopping, eating and gossiping!  Does it get any better?  We’d like to put YOU and your BESTIE on plane to Minneapolis for a 3 night stay at the Crowne Plaza Hotel…oh yeah…we’re going to arm you with $600 to get your Christmas shopping done while you’re there at the Mall Of America!  To get in on the shopping action sign up below and then keep your radio on at 8:20AM, 10:20AM, 12:20PM and 2:20PM weekdays starting September 11th- when your name is announced, you will have 9 minutes and 25 seconds to call back to get qualified at 765-453-9205! The Grand Prize winner will be announced Friday October 22nd at 7:50AM with Jessica and Ben!

Bomb Diggity Shopping Adventure