Howard County Military Appreciation Days

Military Appreciation Days

The Kokomo community will again show its deep appreciation for our nation’s veterans
with Military Appreciation Days, set for Nov. 4-13.
Since 2009, it’s an annual celebration that honors all active and non-active military personnel and veterans. A continuation
of traditional Veterans Day observations, this 10-day event was created because our community wanted to do more to
honor the sacrifices made by so many.
The event continues to grow each year. With 38 businesses participating that first year, the 2017 event will feature 80
businesses featuring 91 offerings. Those offerings range from free meals to free desserts to free blade sharpening to
large discounts on a host of products and services.
But it’s about so much more than just free and discounted services. It’s about the community showing its profound
appreciation for the men and women who have made personal sacrifices to serve our nation. To a community with a long-
standing tradition in the Armed Forces, showing that appreciation is not just a duty but an honor.


To see the full list of businesses participating, Click here!